Greywater Recycling with Smart Technology!

Posted on April 12, 2016

Greywater Recycling with Smart Technology!

Parts of California, Nevada and Arizona are entering their fourth year of severe droughts leading to extensive and sometimes radical water use cutbacks. British Columbia is under Stage Three water restrictions, meaning they are not allowed to power wash their homes, clean their cars or water their lawns. Heavy fines and even shaming of non-complying neighbors is happening in both areas. It’s happening here in North America and it’s no longer someone else’s problem.

We can expect to see additional water shortages worldwide. Further restrictions on our limited water resources mean that we need to look for innovative solutions to lessening our day-to-day water consumption.

The Recover® Residential Greywater Recycling system is specifically engineered, and has been extensively proven and tested to do just that. Save water at home.

Recover is a compact, low-maintenance appliance that takes water from showers and baths, and cleans, filters and recycles it to flush toilets. The water collected from one 10 minute shower can flush your toilets up to 20 times, reducing your home’s overall water usage by up to 30%. Because the system uses patented CleanScreen technology, it is highly efficient, simple to operate and is very low maintenance.

Residential water recovery with a proven Recover system is unobtrusive in the home, requires minimal upkeep and helps you preserve our planet for future generations.

If you would like more information about Recover, email us at to find a local dealer. People worldwide are adopting water-saving lifestyles. The change starts with us!