Specs & Downloads


Part Number: 901000

Dimensions: 61” x 22” x 19”

Weight: 80lb (when empty)

Tank Storage Volume: 200 L

Power Requirements: 15A, 115V AC GFCI plug outlet required System runs on 24V DC power with onboard AC to DC 6.5A power converter

Certifications: Certified to CSA B128.1/2

Pump: 24V DC pump, thermally protected, 65 PSI max output pressure, UL certified, built-in check valve

Pumped Discharge: 3.6 GPM max

Filtration: Gravity fed 100 micron, self-cleaning filter element

Disinfectant: Trichlor tablets, 3” diameter, slow dissolving (pool pucks)

Drain Connections: all connections 2” Schedule 40 (DWV) with mechanical rubber coupling (included)

Pressure Connections: ½” CTS quick connect fittings suitable for use with copper, CPVC or PEX piping

Cross Connection Control Features:
Built-in air gap for potable make-up water connection

  • 26mm air gap, compliant with plumbing codes
  • Vented to atmosphere
  • Overflow Protection
  • Tamper resistant

Outlet water dyed light blue for visual indication (NSF certified)

Tank Purge Frequency: 48hrs

System Alarms: Audible and Visual indicators with auto shut-off protection for the following alarms:

  • Tank overflow
  • Valve stuck open/closed
  • Pump over-run (exceeding 20min)
  • Annual maintenance required
  • Refill chlorine tablets
  • Refill dye liquid
  • Emergency tank drain
  • Tank refill valve
  • Toilet flush valve leak
  • Toilet fill valve leak