How it

How it Works

1 Domestic Shower Use

Greywater that drains from showers or baths enters the RECOVER system and passes through the CleanScreen filtration process, where fine particles/contaminants are removed before entering the holding tank. Once the shower or bath is finished, the system automatically begins a chlorination cycle followed by cleaning of the filter.

(Drain water from sinks does not need to enter the Recover system since all of the gray water required to flush toilets can be generated from bathing.)

2 Chlorination

After the bath or shower is finished, the system adds an exact amount of chlorine based on the volume of water that entered the tank. The chlorine keeps water in the tank fresh and prevents bacterial growth. The chlorinator contains pool type tablets which last from 4 to 6 months.

3 Flushing Toilets

Once the toilet is flushed, treated greywater is pumped into the toilet tank. The toilet does not need to be modified in any way to work with the Recover system. A plumber simply connects the water line from the Recover system to the toilet tank inlet. Once the toilet fills, RECOVER shuts off and waits for the next flush.


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