CleanScreen Technology

The RECOVER® Grey Water System has been engineered for low maintenance and long life. The CleanScreen innovation is a State-of-the-art filter designed to remove contaminants from the grey water while ensuring the highest water savings.


How it Works

The CleanScreen gray water filter practically eliminates hassles and maintenance. At the end of each shower or bath, the filter is automatically cleaned with a high pressure spray which removes contaminants through the drain system out to the sewer. The filter clean cycle uses recycled water with a touch of chlorine to disinfect the filter leaving it clean and ready for the next shower.

CleanScreen is a reusable filter (unlike other filter systems) which means lower operating costs and reliable operation for many years.It’s another way to save money.


Living Smart. Saving Water.

Save Water with your next Bathroom Remodel, Renovation or New Home build.

RECOVER® is a cutting-edge gray water system for the modern home. It’s a home improvement that helps to conserve water by cleaning the water drained from showers and bathtubs and reusing it to flush your toilets. Once installed, the system works quietly for months at a time with very little maintenance. The patent pending CleanScreen filter is automatically cleaned after every shower or bath.


Recover’s new Greywater Recycling technology can minimize your home’s water use by up to 30%.

Adding up the Savings

Flushing toilets with drinking water is like throwing money down the sewer! Toilet flushing  accounts for up to 30 per cent of your home’s water usage. RECOVER offers a way to save money! By using smart gray water recycling technology we are able to significantly reduce our water use with minimal impact to the home – saving money and ensuring water security for generations to come.

Every time you flush the toilet you are adding up the savings since one shower provides enough greywater to flush the toilet 20 times!

Consider RECOVER® during your next new home build or bathroom renovation. The system is easy for a qualified plumber to install and owner friendly to operate.

RECOVER® is smart home improvement technology for the modern, eco-conscious home.




The RECOVER digital display shows how much water is being saved and when it is time to top up the chlorine. It also provides the home owner with the ability to place the system in vacation mode while they are away.

Smart Features

RECOVER takes care of itself so you don’t have to!


Smart features that save you time and money

Recover includes Smart Features such as the AutoAway mode; it knows when you are away from home and will automatically drain and rinse the tank and be ready to go when you get home.

Recover also has a leak detection system, leaking toilets can account for up to 13% of water use if gone undetected. Save money by installing a graywater system in your next bathroom remodel.

The TankLearn feature can tell what size your toilet tanks are, so if you run out of greywater, it willbring in enough potable water to flush the toilet once. RECOVER prefers to use greywater instead of city water, helping you to save money!

Recover is compact system which fits easily though doorways and can be easily installed by a qualified plumber.