Add Recover to your next bathroom renovation!

Posted on September 23, 2015

Add Recover to your next bathroom renovation!

Are you building or renovating?

Are you thinking about future needs? Trying to anticipate the best improvements to make the most of your big investment?
You may have thought about high-efficiency furnaces or smart thermostat technology or energy conserving windows and door? Have you considered water saving technologies?

The age of water shortages is upon us. You don’t have to go far these days to understand that our precious water resources are under siege. From British Columbia to California where drought and dried-up watersheds are taking their toll, to small, growing communities that are pressured with costs of water consumption and waste water management, the situation is clear: we must start to conserve water.

And your home is the best place to start.

Have you looked into Residential Water Recycling systems? These new age appliances are the next-gen answer to old “greywater” tech and early water home recycling notions. These new systems will help take your home to the next level. Recover is a residential water recovery system that has been carefully engineered and proven to save on water and household budgets, efficiently and without changes to lifestyle.

Recover® takes water conservation to a new level. It is different from other appliances claiming to recycle water in the home – it uses a proven, self-cleaning, self-maintaining CleanScreen technology to turn water from your shower into sparkling clean water to flush toilets. It’s effective, often saving up to 25% on home water bills!

Installation is best during bathroom renovation, remodeling or building a home  and can be installed easily by a skilled plumber. This is when it’s easiest for plumbers to plan your plumbing to reroute your shower/ bath tub’s drain to flow into the Recover grey water system and then on to the toilet rough-ins and hookups. Once installed, it will be completely maintenance-free for months at a time. After that, without thinking about it, you save water and money every day.

Every little bit helps. For your next renovation or building project, consider Recover Residential Grey Water Recycling system – it makes it easy to prepare for the future.