Recover® Residential Grey Water Recovery is focused on developing innovative solutions to conserve water in residential communities around the world. Our focus has been on reusing shower water to flush toilets, saving homeowners up to 30% of their indoor water use.



Our mission is to enable homeowners and communities to manage their water better, on site. The resulting water, energy and money that is saved through innovative technologies utilized in the building of sustainable communities will result in decreased water use and increased water saving awareness on a global scale. The importance of working together to ensure a sustainable future is in our hands.

ABOUT Bio-Microbics | Water Efficiency with Wastewater/Greywater/Stormwater Treatment Systems

Bio-Microbics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative—alternatives to centralized sewering—water, wastewater (land and sea), greywater, and stormwater treatment systems: http://www.biomicrobics.com/about-us-bio-microbics/sustainability/

At the forefront of sustainable, clean technology, Bio-Microbics systems (from 1800 L to 9400 m3 per day systems!) meet the highest worldwide performance, nutrient reduction for Nitrogen (TKN), and safety standards with decades of real world operating history and more than 60,000 installations in over 70 countries. Designed for new/existing residential development to high-strength commercial, municipal capabilities, and marine vessels, these decentralized wastewater and greywater treatment systems from Bio-Microbics’ are fully integrated, engineered systems to safely treat water…FITT® for the Purpose Intended.