The RECOVER Grey Water Recycling system is an innovative, easy to use, space and cost saving residential appliance.

RECOVER recycles water from showers and baths to fill and flush toilets. Its Clean Screen filter technology is efficient and self cleaning and the system can detect toilet leaks to further assist in saving money and water.

Recover Water Systems

CleanScreenTM Technology

Technology that takes the fuss out of maintenance.  >

CleanScreenTM Technology

Living Smart. Saving Water.

Recover’s innovative grey water technology can minimize your home’s water use by up to 30 per cent.  >

Living Smart. Saving Water.

Smart Features

Smart features that save you time and money.  >

Smart Features

Grey Water Recycling

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LEED credits for Builders


Many home builders and developers are looking at sustainable building options in order to preserve resources. The RECOVER greywater recycling system qualifies for LEED green building credits. Through collaborative efforts we can make a positive contribution towards sustainable building and the reduction of water and energy requirements in our homes.

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[BLOG] Bio-Microbics Inc., Manufacturer
[BLOG] Bio-Microbics Inc., Manufacturer



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Bio-Microbics Inc., Manufacturer

Since 1996, Bio-Microbics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternatives, and storm water treatment products that provide unique solutions for decentralized homes, clustered subdivisions, small communities and commercial properties around the world. Whether design-build projects or retrofits for property owners or “green-builders” wanting environmentally responsible on-site blackwater and/or greywater treatment systems, our expanded product offering can help provide clean treated wastewater for water reuse opportunities for sustainable home landscaping irrigation to meet onsite water conservation goals.
Water Reuse is an example of how to utilize water to its full potential and ensure balance between use and availability. The use of non-conventional water resources, such as installing greywater recycling systems, will enable the reuse of treated to help reduce water consumption and without placing undue stress on limited freshwater resources on the property. Other treatment systems, like onsite rainwater filtration, stormwater management, greywater recycling and treated wastewater reuse, are part of the products offered by the globally recognized and award-winning manufacturer, Bio-Microbics, Inc. With water supplies increasingly strained, communities are looking for new ways to develop and manage local water resources. One of the most exciting paradigm shifts in sustainable water management is the integration of smaller, decentralized onsite systems that treat and reuse water within buildings.




Residential (new construction & retrofit) Wastewater Treatment Systems

A popular alternative to conventional septic systems, our products are sure to meet any of your residential needs, Bio-Microbics advanced wastewater treatment systems are design for simple, low cost, and robust process for long term performance and water reuse opportunities.  See S.O.S.-Save Our Septic® Warranty Program.

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·         Septic Systems & Cisterns

·         Low Pressure Utility Sewerage (33 33 00)

·         Utility Septic Tanks (33 36 00)

·         Water Reuse Systems


Stormwater Treatment Systems: Filtration, Litter Control & Drainage Products

Whether water originates from precipitation or enters the system from dry weather events or other sources, our stormwater treatment system treats surface runoff containing trash/debris, sediment, oil, and other pollutants from stormwater flows.

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·         Facility Storm Drainage (22 14 00)

·         Storm Drainage Utilities (33 40 00)

·         Storm Utility Water Drains & Piping (33 44 00)

·         Storm Drainage Structures (33 49 00)


Commercial High-Strength Wastewater Treatment

Bio-Microbics offers versatility and consistent high performance for simple, low cost, and robust process for properties with high strength wastewater, FOG (Fat-Oil-Grease) management, Bio-Solids Sludge Management and water reuse opportunities.

Categorized in

·         Facility Sanitary Sewerage (22 13 00)

·         Pool and Fountain Plumbing Systems (22 50 00)

·         Sanitary Utility Sewerage Structures (33 39 00)

·         Subdrainage (33 46 00)


Multi-Family, Community & Municipal WWTP (HS-STP®)

Bio-Microbics provides innovative, affordable alternatives to a centralized wastewater plant to meet the multiple needs of a variety of unique applications. Residential/Commercial “Green Technology” for onsite wastewater recycling & water reuse systems.

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·         Water and Wastewater Equipment (46 00 00)

·         Mixing equipment (46 41 00)


Greywater Treatment & Recycling Products

Bio-Microbics provides innovative, affordable Residential Greywater Recycling System is specifically engineered, and has been extensively proven and tested. Residential/Commercial “Green Technology” for onsite wastewater recycling & water reuse systems.

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·         Greywater Treatment Equipment

·         Water and Wastewater Equipment

·         Water Reuse Systems



With a focus on Global Smart Cities and “Resilient City” Trends, the technologies involved to accomplish these goals are brought to the forefront:


  • At the GREENBUILD Conference, selected a Bio-Microbics product as one of the “Game-Changing Green Building Products for 2017”.  The d-Rain Joint™ Rainwater Filter Drain allows to implement a water drainage system in impervious surfaces to control storm water runoff with a 5 gallon per minute flow.
  • With the Recover® Greywater treatment system listed with IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) Research & Testing under the “Reclaimed Water Conservation System for Flushing Toilets” (Standards CSA B128.1-2006  & CSA B128.2-2006) technology, the recover unit can reclaim this portion (approx. Up to 30%) of homes water consumption and detect toilet leakage, potentially saving another 12%.
  • BioBarrier® MBR and BioBarrier® HSMBR® systems immersed membrane technology allows for installation into a smaller footprint with 99.9% of contaminants and pollutants removed from the wastewater.  The BioBarrier® MBR is the first system ever to receive NSF/ANSI Standard 350 certification for water reuse.
  • BioSTORM® Pre-engineered stormwater treatment system designed to remove trash, sediment, oil and other pollutants from stormwater flows. With 5 sizes available, the versatility of the system (pre-screening StormTEE® device and specially designed unit) to be used separately for different applications.
  • Bio-Microbics popular FAST® wastewater treatment systems are designed for single-family residential properties to small Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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Grey water captured during a ten-minute shower can flush your toilet up to 20 times!
Grey water captured during a ten-minute shower can flush your toilet up to 20 times!

March 24, 2016

Why is shower to toilet the best way to save water in the home?

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